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Isabella Aquatex reproofer 400ml

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Isabella Aquatex Waterproofing Spray - 900060062

The Aquatex waterproofing for awnings comes in a 400ml spray can. It is a colourless treatment that is suitable for all textiles that are free of dirt, grease and grime."AquaTex" will not function on dirt; therefore, the canvas should be sprayed on the inside of the awning. If there are any leaks in the material, "AquaTex" will penetrate and be effective on the outside as well. If the material is very dry, you may notice some discolouration on the outside. To regularise the colour, simply spray on the outside as well. DON'T FORGET it is most important to clean the awning inside and out BEFORE impregnation as any deposits on the material will negate the properties of the "AquaTex".

To apply shake the can well before use and spray the entire, clean dry surface. After treating it is important to not fold or store the awning or textile until completely dry. Aquatex is fully effective after 90 minutes at 20°c. Aquatex contains silicone and is made using carbon dioxide as the propellant, which is non-combustible, non-toxic and pollution-free. It does not contain chlorine and is frost resistant. A can of "AquaTex" is handy at all times as it has a wide variety of uses besides impregnating your awning. For instance, if you experience difficulty in drawing your awning beading through the caravan channel, spray the channel and the awning will slip through easily. "AquaTex" can also be used on stiff zips, removal of stains and, even impregnating your shoes or boots.

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